Nursery Bag

For all of us who won’t give up the look aspect for the convenience.
Not only this bag is organized as you need for a diaper bag, but it also has all the features you want for your own bag.
So wear your It bag proudly,”no need of naive childishness there.
" The little extra: removable changing pad with Lange lining.
Reminder of Lange sweetness and heat on baby's body.

Plus: It is customizable! You have until 20 characters and 3 colors to create your personalized embroidery on your nursery bag ... have fun:)

81,67 €

-35,00 €

116,67 €

Tips: You can wear this bag thanks to a handel or a shoulder strap.
It also owns universal ties which allow to fix it to every stroller types.
Dimensions: - nursery bag: 38 L x 14 l x 32 H cm - 15" L x 5,1" W x 12,6" D / 5 inside pockets (1 for Langettes, 1 for diapers, 1 for feeding-bottle) / 4 outside pockets.
- Changing pad: 60x34 cm - 23,6"x13,4" / It can turns into a smart clush bag to bring out diapers and langettes.
Composition: outside - canvas cotton, inside - lange, cotton fil, all in certified organic cotton.
Care Tips: machine-washable.
We advise you to wash it in a net.

When you choose the embroidery option, it is necessary to consider a 10-days-additional-period for the mannufacturing and delivery.

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