La Langerie wanted the perfect Lange, one that would give baby the same sensation of comfort and security that he had in his mother’s womb.

Swaddling in Le Lange is the new version of this cocoon…

In his mother’s tummy, baby slept peacefully, lulled by his mother’s heartbeat.

Snug inside Le Lange, it’s as though nothing has changed: Le Lange reproduces this impression. Baby’s sudden or uncontrolled gestures are contained, preventing frights and starts.

Swaddling is recommended at the end of the day, at bedtime, when the first nocturnal anxieties make their appearance. When awake, baby must be able to move, develop his muscles, play with his hands. The soothing effect of swaddling is extraordinary... many people even note reduced symptoms of colic due to the warmth of Le Lange and the slight pressure it exerts on baby’s stomach.  Swaddling is essential during the first three months of baby’s life. It helps him to become aware of his body, little by little. And he learns to turn over all by himself:  first one little foot pokes out, then a hand, then two…

At first Le Lange reassures... and then it liberates!