L'Eau de Lange - Cleansing Water


The Cleansing Water is delicately fragranced with the La Langerie signature scent.
Gently cleanse your baby's face and body with alcohol-free and soap-free rinse.
It contains Calendula to leave the skin perfectly soft, clean and well hydrated.
A great product to use with La Langette.

19,33 €

-9,00 €

28,33 €

250 ml - 8.45 fl oz.
Plastic bottle with a convenient dispensing cap.
Soap-free and paraben-free formulated.
Dermatologically tested.

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This set is composed by a bottle of L’Eau de Lange (8fl.oz) and an adorable pouch containing our renowned Langettes: - Langettes x 10. - Eau de Lange x1 - verbena, musk, orange blossom. It is, in a way, the mom and baby's "survival kit", for always being clean and at ease.

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