Family height gauge to keep a track of the family growth. To stick opened-out on the wall or to fold up and put on a shelf or give from generation to generation. Wide enough to date, name) or stick photos to follow the growth evolutions. Annotates withf a ball-point or grease pencil.

18,13 € 24,17 € -25%

Inspired by rhinoceros, the Rhino Eraser is useful! - Good handling - Meticulous erasing with its pointed tip. - Huge erasing with its round tip. We would almost want mess up to our drawing only to use it...

2,50 € 3,33 € -25%

Inspired by the bakers bread bags, this big paper bag will be as well a decorative object as a great practical storage accessory! With the complete definition of the product printed in black on itch faces in French and in English; unusual and timeless it will matches everywhere you will put it. You can use it as an ornamental flowerpot, as a rag-bag, or...

5,31 € 7,08 € -25%

Lovely small notebook to write, to draw, to think...140 pages of memory, thoughts and projects... To take away everywhere in your nursery bag or to treasured in a top secret drawer, it will back you up at the right time.

11,37 € 15,17 € -25%

Simply sensationnal with great size. Perfect to plan your life in a more visual, comfortable way. Just a diary but much more pratical and functional than a basic one. Each double-sheet displays a month. useful to efficiently plan your month. GREAT SIZE / VISUAL / PLEASANT TO WRITE / ELEGANT

5,63 € 7,50 € -25%

Notes pad or sketch book. 75 sheet to note, imagine, create, glue, draw... A graphique and simple design in order to efficiently highlight the product use!

5,63 € 7,50 € -25%

An amazing, useful and lovely gift box .6 Little pocket-sized pads to be transported everywhere you go.Fancy front covers to be stylish even when you're writing your to do list ..And for the most creative ones, thanks to their blank pages they can turn into sketch books!

28,44 € 37,91 € -25%

In the continuation of "L'article collection" the studio Be-poles created the Wrapping paper.With the complete definition of the product printed in black and white on a face, original and timeless it will perfectly matches with everything you need to pack.

6,19 € 8,25 € -25%

The brilliant idea of the Be-Pôles "Portrait de ville" range: " giving carte blanche to an artist who puts his singular look on a city. "  Benoit Linero was in Chamonix, the climbers' El Dorado, the alpinists' Mecca, the source of unlimited daydream for anyone who raises eyes towards the sky."We can see the cold of tops, the hardness of a taken valley,...

14,22 € 18,96 € -25%
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