You're fed up quarrels like " it is not fair, it is always I who have to clean the table while my brothers are never doing anything! "?We have for you the beginning of a solution:A huge organizer to visualize all the week and finally be able to make a partial redistribution of all the tasks.You'll just have to follow carefully it....Small Bonus for an...

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Simply sensationnal with its simple and uncluttered design and its atypical size. Perfect to know the date. Block of 365 detachable and year-after-year-reusable sheets.1 sheet for 1 dayEither useful in the family environment as well as in the work setting. GREAT SIZE / VISUAL / ELEGANT

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Simply sensationnal with great size. Perfect to plan your life in a more visual, comfortable way. Just a diary but much more pratical and functional than a basic one. Each double-sheet displays a month. useful to efficiently plan your month. GREAT SIZE / VISUAL / PLEASANT TO WRITE / ELEGANT

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