LA LANGERIE Philosophy

is like advice passed from mother to daughter with an easy, modern touch. It is a combination of love and tradition, and provides the basis for the discovery of the magical connection between mother and baby.

... offers the following observation as proof: "A newborn baby needs the warmth of the breast to feel connected; she needs to be touched, held, cradled, caressed and massaged to soothe her pains and fears. Only then will your baby understand that she was not ejected, thrown out, but that she is welcome and always loved."

... wants to share with other mothers our insights and products that help welcome baby in a soft and soothing environment.

... is first a fabric: A fabric that retains scents, a soft fabric, a snuggly fabric.

Our fabric is the essence of the La Langerie collection.

Your baby does not meet you for the first time the day she is born. She knows you already. It is La Langerie's philosophy to continuously remind her of her in utero experience : the softness, warmth, and more softness. Except that her nest is becoming biger.


* adapted from Dr. Fréderick Leboyer