All our products have been developed paying great care and constant attention to the well - being of our little ones and our planet.

Our desire is to create a range of essential products that are entirely safe for new-borns, that can evolve with them and that are specifically adapted to their brand new skin and their new life.

Creating products in the « right » conditions, just as being a parent, is not an easy task, but « our commitment is optimistic” …All our partners in this adventure share the same convictions to present you with these natural products, working intelligently and respecting human being and the environment.

Our fabric «lange» is entirely made of certified organic cotton fibres,

Our colour prints and dyes contain no heavy metals, (AZO free dying and printing)

Our primary perfume ingredients are all conform to the IFRA standards.

Our formulas are dermatoligically tested to guaranty maximum safety, they contain no alcohol, parabens, silicon, or synthetic colourings.