You're fed up quarrels like " it is not fair, it is always I who have to clean the table while my brothers are never doing anything! "?We have for you the beginning of a solution:A huge organizer to visualize all the week and finally be able to make a partial redistribution of all the tasks.You'll just have to follow carefully it....Small Bonus for an...

12,08 €

Universal monthly calendar or 31cm graduated ruler. This design and genuine object is as well as useful as nice! The metal star is etched with the weekdays in fench on the first side or english on the reverse. You can make it run on the base carved upper edge carved in order to select the day and the date. Dates are disposed every centimeters so easy to...

33,33 €

Family height gauge to keep a track of the family growth. To stick opened-out on the wall or to fold up and put on a shelf or give from generation to generation. Wide enough to date, name) or stick photos to follow the growth evolutions. Annotates withf a ball-point or grease pencil.

24,17 €

Set of 7 ceramic tiles titled From Monday to Sunday in order to easily organize the key points of your weeks. Glossy smooth finished for a soft and pleasant writing. There are tacky parts under each corners that can be easily stuck on any dry, clean, flat surface. With an erase marker you can note everything you want!

62,50 €
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