What a lazy vase... it's impossible to let it stand up. It balances on its thread following the peoples ways or drafts. Filled with flowers, it will subtly decorate your home.

157,50 €

7 vases to celebrate your flowers. Each with different shape forms, as a flower which grows up, stretches.. to finally become a beautiful, fresh and delicate plant. Black-colored, they hide stems to sublimate the flowers brightness and put joy back into your home.

145,83 €

These 21 articulated test tubes, can compress, part, stretch, curl, link, move according to your wishes. Their zinc coated metallic joints, by oxidation are "hoarfrost" decorated as one calm and cotton winter morning when nature is still asleep. Enhanced through some flowers which are enough to fill it up, it's not any more a vase but a secret garden that...

161,67 €

Timeless and design, the white and black enamel products are a must-have of any home. Very solid and sustainable, even if you are extremly clumsy it will not break. The enamel can possibly flake but that will only add character to your decoration. It can be used on the gas, on the electric plates and in the oven and it will stay bright and shiny after...

4,17 €
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