With this cute bathtub, bath time is easy everywhere you are. Indeed, thanks to its compact shape, it can fit easily in suitcase or Nursery Bag. No more bending, kneeling, backbreaking because of the bathtub upright position nor head heck because it can be setup by simply setting in the sink. Made of a mold and mildew resistant material, it protect and...

47,50 €

The Gentle Cleansing gel is especially formulated for the delicate skin of newborn babies and young children. Lather on the hair and body into a gentle silky foam to clean and soften the skin. It will leave a delicate scent after the bath... It's the perfect La Langerie Odeur declension.

21,67 €

Its bucket shape is perfect to bathe baby in a stable, comfortable and reassuring foetal position which respects his anatomy. In this way he is immersed up to shoulders in a water which stays hot longer than in an usual bathtub. " This physiological bath [...] associated with the front massage helps the relaxation and baby's sleep". Have a look on the...

19,17 €
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