Replacement teats are Anti-Colic to reduce the risk of colic and gas. The teat is constructed to simulate the mother's natural nipple.1 box contains 3 nipples. You can choose between 3 different flow speeds: 0-3M Beginner, 3-6M Medium or 6+M Expert.Tip: The wide neck teats fit the Fish & Beetle baby bottles.

3,34 € 6,67 € -50%

A photo book, a stories book, love stories... Beautiful, poetic, touching.. we have the pleasure to discover newborn babies and their mommies for their first moments. A first day of life, a first shout, a first smile, a first fresh air breath. We don't know about you, but at La Langerie office we can't get enough of looking at it.

16,58 € 33,17 € -50%

Easy handling, not toxic, stackable and it also can be transformed into fingers puppets. Ideal to unlock the creativity of any child; with this pencils it's easier for them to draw their dreamed house…

7,50 € 10,00 € -25%

Lightweight, rather fine to be adapted to small hands, rather wide to be impossible to swallow. To nibble or to suck he will be perfect to ease babies gums pain.

6,67 € 13,33 € -50%

It's the baby's album we always dreamed of! It helps us collecting memories, anecdotes and pictures from the first smile to the bicycle earliest beginning while promoting discussion. To fill all together, it erases unspoken and brings the good mood.

11,37 € 15,17 € -25%

If your looking for an great and unique gift; you can stop your research, you found it!A birthday notebook to be filled with real or fantastic anecdotes, with little love note, with rebus or with plans...Whether he celebrates his 5 years or his 100 years; whether it is your oldest friends or a new one. You can offer it already filled or ready to be...

11,37 € 15,17 € -25%

3 small fans of white paper. Once slid in the ceramic jar it will delicately decorate your shelves, tables and bookcases like a soliflore. These 3 attractive forms will spread your favorite smellsall around your house with the paper diffuser.

9,38 € 12,50 € -25%

Fill it with water, add 2-3 refresher oil drops, place the fan of paper over it and it is ready to spread! This elegant and sleek style small jar is going to slowly spread this delicate and comforting smell that you love so much. In the lounge, in the hall, in the bedroom put it where you want it is autonomous; no need to plug it, no need to light a fire,...

18,33 €

3 stalks for scented bouquets and 2 fans of white papers. In a jiffy you will have a simple and effective, beautiful and original air freshener. Close the fans around sticks and choose their positions with the small rings. Once slid in a bottle containing a scented bouquets solution, it will delicately decorate your shelves, tables and bookcases like a...

5,00 € 10,00 € -50%

Who has not feel this intense consternation when you have to take your eraser or your cork deep down your pensil-jar?!It's over thanks to the Atelier d'Exercices Pencil-holder! You will only have to pull the central stalk to reveal your pencils, pens and brushes bouquet... Then release it and your pen shall delicately sink in until disappear inside your...

33,75 € 67,50 € -50%

The brilliant idea of the Be-Pôles "Portrait de ville" range: " giving carte blanche to an artist who puts his singular look on a city. " Pierre Ricardou left to Rome, He took some wonderful photos.We selected for you our preferred, the librarian.All these books, sounds like a dream, doesn't it?Moreover it would not be the time to have a reading break?...

31,25 € 41,67 € -25%

The brilliant idea of the Be-Pôles "Portrait de ville" range: " giving carte blanche to an artist who puts his singular look on a city. " Patrick Messina was in Paris, he took some wonderful photos.We selected for you our preferred.Calm solemnity and serenity comes accross.Moreover it would not be the time to have a reading break? Under the cover with a...

31,25 € 41,67 € -25%

This transparent glass carafe with delicate and irregular lines is mouth blown in Eastern Europe. its generous neck is perfect to turn it in an instant into a vase. Practical and handy, this is THE carafe everybody's looking for!

37,50 € 50,00 € -25%

These 6 lovely glasses with a slim waist will collect with aplomd your tea, your water, your coffee or your limonade... Their simple and delicate design will give to your meals and tea times a delicious touch of originality. Sold by 6 for your guests delighting.

17,50 € 23,33 € -25%

Timeless and design, the white and black enamelware is a must-have of any kitchen. Very solid and sustainable, even if you are extremly clumsy it will not break. The enamel can possibly flake but that will only add character to your cooking. It can be used on the gas, on the electric plates and in the oven and it will stay bright and shiny after hundred...

2,50 € 3,33 € -25%

The Pillow, once wrapped with The Rectnagulare Pillowcase is soft and pleasant as we like. To read, to sleep or to chill out... It's perfect. The puffy and sweetness of the pillow will last up in time thanks to it's thermolite trimming.Ideal for an healthy and repaired sleep.

10,21 € 20,42 € -50%

This hat will keep the baby's head warm. 100% soft, warm and comfortable! Made with the softest organic cotton jersey. A must-have for newborn babies!

6,25 € 12,50 € -50%

As your most faithful doggie, Mirza runs up to the first whistling of the kettle, tail up in the air, pressed to bring the comfort and the heat of a tea or an infusion to its owner. In vertical position, stopped, snout up in the air, it takes place on the shelf, waiting for the orders, begging a sign... This enamelled white porcelain teapot is hand-made...

96,25 € 128,33 € -25%

The Cleansing Water is delicately fragranced with the La Langerie signature scent. Gently cleanse your baby's face and body with alcohol-free and soap-free rinse. It contains Calendula to leave the skin perfectly soft, clean and well hydrated. A great product to use with La Langette. These products are leftovers items of the original edition, they could...

3,33 € 28,33 €

This lovely porcelaine rabbit light is a nice way to add a soft glow to a nightstand or bookshelf.Perfect to decorate a child's room, you can gift it as a first nightstand light. Porcelain table light with red textile cable.

50,63 € 67,50 € -25%
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